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Supplier Quality Clauses

Supplier Quality Clauses Listing

Welcome to Century Fasteners Corp.’s (CFC) Supplier Quality Clauses webpage listing.

CFC is strongly committed to helping, developing, and maintaining a strong and dependable supply base.  The purpose of this page and the Supplier Clauses is to provide an avenue and clarity to flow down the correct information to our suppliers from CFC and CFC’s customers.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Supplier Quality Clauses please do not hesitate to contact Xong Xiong at, CFC’s Supplier Quality Engineer.

Please note that these clauses are living documents, therefore effective dates are associated with each clause.  Sellers are advised that unless indicated in the purchase contract, the version of each incorporated clause applicable to the purchase contract or purchase contract change is the latest dated version of each clause in effect on the date of the original purchase contract.

Supplier Quality Clauses with PDF Documents:

  • Using the chart below, locate a specific Clause listed on the Purchase Order.
  • Click the proper Effective Date green button to view and print.
Clause Code Title Effective Date - PDF
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01000-QA-T&C-1 General Quality Clause
01000-SQ-T&C-2 Manufacturing Process Certifications
01000-SQ-T&C-3 Packing Slip
01000-SQ-T&C-4 Manufacturer Certificate of Conformance
01000-SQ-T&C-5 Supplier Standard CofC Signed & Title Required
01000-SQ-T&C-6 Melt Certification and Chemical Analysis Report
01000-SQ-T&C-7 8130-3 Manufacturer's Tag
01000-CIC-T&C-8 Lead Free Material
01000-CIC-T&C-9 Government Source Inspection
01000-SQ-T&C-12 ASQR-09.2 Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP)
01000-CIC-T&C-28 ITAR
01000-CIC-T&C-29 California Proposition 65
01000-SQ-T&C-44 Special Packaging 1
01000-SQ-T&C-49 Prop 65 Packaging
01000-CIC-T&C-50 NADCAP Requirement
01000-SQ-T&C-51 Age Control
01000-SQ-T&C-54 First Article Inspection
01000-CIC-T&C-55 Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Compliance - Certificate of Conformance (CoC)
01000-CIC-T&C-56 Restriction Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) - Certificate of Conformance (CoC)
01000-CIC-T&C-57 Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFAR) Supplement
01000-SQ-T&C-58 Physical Analysis Test Report
01000-SQ-T&C-62 Independent Lab Analysis Report
01000-SQ-T&C-64 Specific Customer Clause
01000-SQ-T&C-65 Material Safety Data Sheets
01000-SQ-T&C-66 Certificate of Analysis
01000-CIC-T&C-67 Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS2) CE Marking
01000-CIC-T&C-68 Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS3) Compliance
01000-CIC-T&C-69 Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS5)
01000-SQ-T&C-72 Specific Supplier Requirement
01000-SQ-T&C-78 100% Inspection (New Product Inspection)
01000-SQ-T&C-79 Accuracy of Order Acknowledgement
01000-SQ-T&C-82 Supplier Inspection Delegation
01000-SQ-T&C-84 Statistical Techniques for Product Acceptance

Parker Aerospace – Terms & Conditions Documents:

Clause Code Title Effective Date - PDF
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Latest Rev. Effective Date - PDF
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01000-SQ-PKRT&C-001 Sampling Inspection