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CF de Mexico – Emergency Preparedness Training

Century Fasteners de México – Emergency Preparedness Training

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The Century Fasteners de Mexico staff received comprehensive training throughout 2022 to prepare employees to face dangerous emergency situations such as earthquakes, fires, and other kinds of accidents.

The branch staff was trained in basic first-aid and triage, the proper use of fire extinguishers, safety equipment and the steps necessary in the event of an earthquake or major accident. As part of the training, specific teams were created, and emergency simulations were carried out to reduce fear and anxiety and to teach employees how to work together and how to respond in sudden and dangerous circumstances.

Due to this thorough training, when a real earthquake struck on September 19, 2022, the staff remained calm, knew exactly what to do and left the building calmly and safely.

Century Fasteners de Mexico received this certification from the Mexican government for taking part in the National Earthquake Simulation.