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Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing Services

Century Fasteners Corp. can provide high quality contract manufacturing services that utilize products from leading fastener and component suppliers. Our vast experience, product sourcing and financial stability will help your company be competitive and on time to market.

Advantages of Contract Manufacturing:

Cost Savings
A provider of contract manufacturing services may offer significant cost advantages over an organization’s internal production facilities. Many things play into reducing costs: skilled labor, bulk purchasing and reduced errors. In addition, a business will not have the need to invest capital in production equipment and manufacturing space.

Professional Expertise
As a contract manufacturing service provider, Century Fasteners will produce flawless components to improve or modify your existing product. Our experience and expertise will ensure your don’t make critical mistakes that cost time, money and possibly the integrity of your product.

We are working diligently to improve our products landed cost. VMI programs such as our In-Plant Store (IPS) and Bin Restocking (JIT) take the purchase cost out of buying “C” and “D” items.

Our North American Supply Solution (N.A.S.S) allows us to reach EMS providers in low cost countries. Our partnership with high quality suppliers allows us to provide new fastening solutions to today’s complex designs.

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