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KATO – New KFS-20 Brushless Electric Driver

KATO engineers began by taking all the great features of the KFS-12 electric driver and rolled them into the all new KFS-20 brushless electric driver. The new KFS-20 brushless electric driver has greater efficiency and is more durable than any previous electric driver offered for insert installation.

The KFS-20 brushless electric driver requires less maintenance, no carbon brushes to purchase or replace. The KFS-20 brushless electric driver is powerful enough to install inserts up to 1/4” and M6, yet sensitive enough to install inserts as small as 2-56 and M2.5. KATO engineers designed the KFS-20 with an even lower minimum torque setting than the KFS-12. In fact, the torque adjustment on the KFS-20 is more sensitive than any previous electric driver.

The new KFS-20 brushless electric driver utilizes the smallest power adapter of any previous tool. The power adapter is 4x smaller and at 11.5 oz is 8x lighter than the SBT-50 (CT5407) power transformer. Best of all the power adapter is included with the KFS-20 brushless electric driver. No separate part number to remember or purchase!

See the NEW – KFS-20 Brushless Electric Driver

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